36Zero is a marketing agency dedicated to using cutting-edge digital tools to provide experiences, visibility and marketing solutions for forward-thinking brands. We’re driven by our clients needs and satisfaction. 

Forward Thinkers

We are a team of forward thinkers that provides digital solutions for online and offline audiences.

All About You

We understand your need and we fashion our solutions to fit it even while going the extra mile for you always.

Results Oriented

We are in business to give you an all round digital solutions that would give you an expected result.


36Zero is a creative digital marketing agency that is focused on providing digital solutions and strategies that are beyond the edge at pushing your brand’s reach while also maintaining a steady limitless growth.

Our Services


Advertising is a hybrid of brand or company. While we serve and help clients, we also manufacture ads, TV commercials, brand guidelines, PR placement, positive word of mouth, new client product ideas and other marketing communication materials to help you reach your target faster. We help you leap ahead your competitions with inline marketing techniques configured and tailored to fit your needs.

Digital Strategy

Strategy is the bedrock of success, you can’t achieve a desired goal without a visible strategy. Strategy runs across all stages of the business cycle. From product design to marketing to dispatch. It informs the transaction you have with the public. You need a strategy to grow your brand's message and goals? We are your sure bet!


Technology is transforming at a record pace, offering strategic and flexible solutions is critical to staying ahead of the competition and growing your business. Brands are benefiting daily from our cutting edge technological solutions. With us, you are very sure of an awesome user experience website and solution.

Design and Content Creation

To keep a great customer experience front and center, every brand / business needs to be “design particular”. Disney led the way, and now quality design is a basic necessity to success, especially when digital interactions can make or break growth. We develop digital content for a forward thinking brand that wants to grow and we back it up with growth strategies.

Our team

We are a strategic agency. A company of Forward Thinkers.

Iam Etefia

CEO 36Zero

He leads and oversees the implementation of the company’s long and short term goals in accordance with the vision even while ensuring corporate citizenship and social responsibility wherever we do business.  

Ekemini Joseph

Creative director

He is the call guy when everyone’s creative juice seizes to flow. We don’t know how he does it but, he always has juice stored around for emergency. 

Elizabeth Ekong

Project manager

She is the life of the party, apart from her keen eyes for details, she also makes sure the team stays focus on the goal.

Iddy Brown

Content lead

He is the pop culture ambassador with an  innovative mindset. He monitor’s trends and points the team towards the innovative path of achieving a better result.

Victor Patrick


His lenses finds expression in moments and helps preserves them from fading with time.  He has keen eyes that pays candid attention to details.  

Morgan Great

social Ambassador

He is the social ambassador, he has won lot of accolades just from being social. We call him the trend master and master of memes. 

Our Awesome Clients

Driving technology for leading brands
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