Access to Global Opportunities

Recently, I relocated to a vicinity where most business owners mostly exist offline and rarely online. This observation made me realize how important it is to be positioned online as a business owner. This is as a result of the continuous search by customers, who most times, are travelers or visitors looking for your services.  Imagine being a visitor by default to a new vicinity, you tried searching online to locate the nearest or best dentist in that area and only two suggestions appeared in your search. This, in turn, leaves you with fewer options to choose the best or nearest.  Also, you feel highly disappointed upon the realization of the existence of several other dental service providers who, unfortunately, are offline and do not have a website or any meaningful online presence to introduce the services/products they offer. A website is an option to solve this problem. A website is a combination of web pages and multimedia content that are identified with a related domain name. It can be accessed through the use of the internet and can be used by several bodies (private, corporate, government, organization, Etc.). It is designed to embody information that addresses a particular audience. However, this article is designed to enlighten existing business owners on the importance of being online by proffering captivating reasons for having a website. Below are ways having a website can help your business grow:

1. 24/7 Active Representations

 With a website, you have the opportunity to interact and stay connected with your customers (potential, new and existing) 24/7. If you are into e-commerce your products are open for marketing whenever it is needed by consumers.  Customers can now purchase products from your website at any given time of the day, week, month and year. For instance, you are a publisher with so many published works on your website, out for sale and you lack the availability to reach out to your customers maybe as a result of time difference or distance.  A website guarantees your product can be bought online and delivered to your customers based on the already established trust you have with your customers through your website.

2. Access to Global Opportunities

 As a business owner with a website, you are prone to having global recognition that makes you outstanding. Prospects or relocated existing customers can always have a means of reconnecting with you regardless of the distance and time difference.  Imagine having to sell your products which of course are not for local consumption alone, you would need a website to help you indirectly position your product across the universe. This, in turn, means a website can help improve marketing strategy by promoting global opportunities and recognition.  If you have been planning to take your business global, read this point again.

3. Puts you on the Map

 Most times, as a business owner, you realise your products are hardly discovered regardless of the value, high demand and uniqueness of it. With a website, your products are at a high rate of being discovered.  For instance, designing Google maps on your website will help you do the following: help reveals your location to prospect, customers, place you on the map, show the distance between you and your customers and several other benefits. Being online and on the map can also help you to attract potential customers who are living or operating within your vicinity. This would help more if you have a brick and mortar store, warehouse, office or any physical business outlet that these people can visit to do business with you.

4. Reduces Marketing Expenses

A website posits a high rate of its owner’s competence, performance, and visibility. This is what most marketing agencies strive to achieve when employed. With a website, you have established a long-term marketing strategy of great value that will serve you continuously.  As a business owner, you have the liberty to influence the public face of your product and a website helps market your brand, product, and services. Regardless of the amount, you spent on building a website; it saves you more cost compared to the amount you are likely to spend on a marketer or marketing agency to perform the same functions of a website.

5. Easy Access to communicate and Receive Information

 Communication is an essential tool for better business. It makes up for a common understanding between you and your customers to communicate and receive information.   Having a website allows you to post support questions and answers. This, in turn, creates a forum where customers ask questions and their questions can be answered with or without your response as other customers or employees can also play the role of answering questions based on their experience with your product. With the availability of a website, you can be reviewed and rated with stars- which makes a lot of sense for your business, since people are sometimes moved to patronize because of what others are saying about your business. Generally, a website is a long-term investment and valuable asset every business owner looking to upgrade and standout should have. It reveals a business location for more growth, positioned products globally and gives you an edge over similar business offers that operate offline.   Take a step today. Build a website and stay active!

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