We are a tribe of Digital Power Rangers. Pumped full with creative superpowers, we synergise with a common purpose – to save you from fratenizing with mediocrity and consequently going extinct.

Who Are We

36Zero is a digital marketing and advertising agency passionately driven by the desire to help forward-thinking brands scale up to admirable heights. We are focused on You. With the tools of digital marketing, digital strategy, design and content creation and web development, we produce results that are excellent and nothing less. We execute, flawlessly.

Our History

After watching people fall over themselves and endlessly groping, trying to make sense of the digi-creative world, we decided to jump into the rescue as the Digital Rangers. 36Zero was born out of the desire to get rid of mediocrity, permanently. With everything we do, we put our best foot forward, using the best resources available, we get to the point we ask, “can it get better than this”? And you get a thunderous, “Yes, with the next project” ! We are forward thinkers, constantly creating solutions that raises bars and brows too, leaves mouth gaping for just a moment and a feverish excitement of winning gold. We produce golden buzzer moment effect.

We are your SPEC!



Working with a clear cut and well defined methodology will always ensure one result-the kind we get that dissolves every doubt about our competence. Our clients and audiences have no reason not to talk about us.



We work in an amazingly fun environment, this is not because we are a pack of playful creatives, but because we are customer-centered. We genuinely love what we do for the people we do it for.



Asked to choose a second name, we’ll go with excellence. Projects should not just be executed, they should be taken off the normal edge and delivered with stunning perfection.This is what we do.



You can do a lot on your own. You can do so much more with a great team. We are a tribe of people that constantly chooses joining hands to achieve a common goal. We work with you, always.